Join our community and help Africa unleash its potential

Creating Opportunities

Invest in talented African entrepreneurs; we target startups with potential to scale and become profitable.

For-Profit Crowdfunding

Crowdfunders will get shares in the startups, benefitting financially while these companies grow.

Positive Impact on Africa

All the projects are curated and proven to have the potential to genuinely solve pan-African problems.

What is RhinoKap?

A for profit crowdfunding platform where anyone, anywhere in the world will be able to invest in talented African entrepreneurs from as little as £10.

We will target startups with potential to scale and become profitable that also have a demonstrable positive impact in society.

Crowdfunders will get shares in the companies, so if the companies grow the investors can benefit financially while knowing that their investment is having a positive impact on the African continent.

The platform will be curated by experts to increase the chances that all the projects showcased have real potential  to scale and genuinely aim to solve pan-African problems.

Benefits for Investors

  • Affordable way to buy shares in up-and-coming African startups
  • Larger deal flow of curated startups
  • Co-investing with experts
  • Greater range of investment and risk options
  • Liquidity: potential to sell shares in RhinoKap’s secondary market
  • Monitoring of startups with the funds released, based on milestones
  • Helping Africa move away from Aid and, instead, towards Private Sector Development

Benefits for Startups

  • Access to a larger pool of investors
  • International exposure.
  • Easier to raise funds. No need to travel to multiple countries/cities to meet investors
  • Access to an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    • Hubs
    • Incubators
    • Mentors

Why Is It Needed?

Talented, budding African entrepreneurs lack access to funds and mentoring to develop and scale. 

Individuals want to help Africa: we unlock that tool with which to invest overseas in projects with social impact.

Global Investors are unaware of attractive deals and/or perceive Africa as being too risky. 

How RhinoKap Works


Startup Due Diligence
We find and curate startups

Investment Ready
We help the entrepreneurs prepare their pitch and market their project


Lead Investors Asses Deal
Experienced investors asses deals and drive investments

Deals are showcased 

& shares are issued

Secondary Market
Investors can get liquidity by trading their shares on RhinoKap’s platform


Funds are safely stored and released only on achievement of milestones

Stakeholder management
Mentors and Startups work together and update shareholders on milestones